First, thank you so much for visiting (and hopefully reading) Amberlee Tea. Serving as Amberlee Tea’s creator and head writer, my name is Amber Callan and I currently live in St. Louis working as an Inbound Marketing Strategist during the day and blogging at night. When I’m not hard at work keeping clients happy, I’m creating my own ice cream, playing video games like Dying Light, learning a new instrument (right now I’m focusing on guitar) and doing some sort of art activity (woodburning, oil painting, weaving and more).

Born in Florida, I have lived 20 different places including England and Germany thanks to my dad, the military general. In Germany, my style started to develop due to getting my first job. Having my own money to spend on clothes, shoes and traveling made my transition from basketball shorts to platform heels.

I like to think of my style as fluid, so you’ll see me wearing red lipstick, spikes and leather one day and see me wearing floral dresses with pink heels the next day. I’ll look one way at work and another way on the weekends. It’s important to me to explore every part of my personal style and stick to what I like, regardless of whether I’m jumping around style genres.

Get to know me by reading Amberlee Tea and you’ll find out so much more. Thank you again for stopping by!

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