It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with all things leather and spiky. For one, they match everything because they’re black and silver. They’re also amazingly comfortable because I’ve worn in the leather in the shoes. These five pairs of spiky shoes are my shoes of choice when I get to travel or go out. Because only one pair of them has a “high heel”, they’re extremely reasonable pairs of shoes too.

1. UNIF Grim Creeper
With creepers and flatforms being amazingly trendy right now, I really wanted to see what all the rage was about. I didn’t want a pair with too much height (as I’m fairly tall already and I don’t like the look of tall ones) and I wanted to find a pair that almost looked like oxfords.  When Dolls Kill had a huge sale, I was casually browsing through the UNIF section as UNIF happens to be one of my favorite brands. The spikes hooked me and though they started out too skinny for my wide feet, I have broken them into one of my favorite pairs of shoes.

I love the “accent spikes” on the shoes and the little lightning bolt toe piece. The platform makes them super comfy and the leather is so durable. They look great with vintage looks and to give some edge to my girlier pieces.


2. TBA TEN20
If you saw me at all during my fall 2012 semester at Rice, you know that I lived in a pair of heeled Chelsea boots. However, they wore out and with the Solestruck birthday sale, I found the perfect replacement. My friend, Brae, has a similar pair in pink and I’ve been looking at this pair ever since.
Their elastic makes them so easy to slip on and the height is very manageable. I love these shoes.


3. UNIF Hellraisers
These shoes are the classic spiky leather shoes and I used to have a knockoff pair in black and silver. However, I saved up the money for a real pair of UNIF Hellraisers and when I found a grey pair on sale on Amazon, I snatched up the last pair in my size. They’re super comfy loafers and very attention getting because of their all-over spikes. The grey ones are a bit more subtle and I literally wear them with everything.

My mom also really likes this pair of shoes because she knows I’ll never get attacked wearing these bad boys. One kick to my attacker and they’re done for. These are also the best to itch your legs with (if that matters to you..) and I get so many requests to touch these.


4. Jeffrey Campbell Don’t Care
These aren’t exactly “spiky” but they feel edgy enough to be in the same category as these other shoes. I’ll admit that these were an impulse buy from Karmaloop when they went on sale. However, I’ve been living in the shoes since I bought them. They’re a great sandal substitute for me and lengthen my legs (which is a definite plus).
I feel so fierce with these on and you can bet I’m strutting around in them.


5. TBA Chainz
These are my newest acquisition and I’ve truly saved the best for last. I looked at these boots for almost a year and a half on Solestruck. Then Grav3yardgirl reviewed them and I knew I had to have them. When Solestruck had their birthday sale and these shoes were 40% off, it was like all the stars aligned and these boots were mine.

I love the spikes on the side as they don’t rub together and the harnesses are beautiful. I’m still in the process of breaking them in so they’ve been worn with thick socks and jumped around in. I can’t wait under the leather gets soft because they will be the only pair I will be seen in.


Let me know which pair is your favorite and if you have a trusty pair of spiky shoes!

Amber Callan

A Rice University graduate, fashion blogger and Inbound Marketing strategist who lives in St. Louis. Spends her free time eating tacos, playing her PS4 and creating more art to clutter her apartment with.

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