Fab Five: Summer Loves

1. A Black Milk Nana Suit – I love the retro high-waisted cut of these swims and that they provide adequate coverage with a midriff skin gap. I’m hoping the proper print will come out this summer so I can finally own one. In their next collection, there will be a snake print and a tartan print so I’m hoping the snake print can be mine!

2. A septum clicker – While I’m hoping to start my new job/internship soon and my septum piercing won’t be shown, I still would love to get a beautiful septum clicker and add some bling to my most noticeable piercing.

3. A bohemian black dress – The bohemian look is always one I’ve wanted to try. It combines flowy material with beachy waves and minimal makeup which ends up looking effortlessly cool. While black is one of the few colors I wear currently, this piece from H&M would fit perfectly into my wardrobe.

4. A new pair of headphones – My mint green Urbanears are about three years old and the cushions are coming apart. I plan on wearing them until I can’t anymore and I fear that time might come this summer. Therefore I figure a red pair might be nice for my next pair of headphones!

5. A pair of work-appropriate nude heels – I never thought I would say this, but I’m starting to need work clothes. I have button ups and pant-suits but I don’t think an office would appreciate me stomping by in a pair of six-inch JC Litas.

What are your summer loves? Any pieces you’re hoping to purchase this summer? Let me know and leave a comment below!

Amber Callan

A Rice University graduate, fashion blogger and Inbound Marketing strategist who lives in St. Louis. Spends her free time eating tacos, playing her PS4 and creating more art to clutter her apartment with.

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