Fab Five: Summer Wants

1. Geode Jewelry – A piece of geode jewelry is the one trendy piece I’d love to own this season. Whether it’s a pair of earrings or a bracelet, a geode really makes a statement.

2. Embroidered Dress – I’ve been dying for a white dress with blue or black embroidery for so long and this summer is the time to get one!

3. Straw Hat – My floppy summer hat has lost all of its flop and while I could DIY some wire to give it shape, I’m hoping to get a stylish fedora!

4. Embellished Septum Ring – I own a plain septum ring and a jeweled clicker, but I’ve seen plenty of fancy septum jewelry and think it could really add to my collection!

5. Sandals – I don’t actually own a pair of sandals so that’s why I’d love a pair for summer!

Amber Callan

A Rice University graduate, fashion blogger and Inbound Marketing strategist who lives in St. Louis. Spends her free time eating tacos, playing her PS4 and creating more art to clutter her apartment with.

  1. Ahhh, I think I tried on the exact (if not extremely similar) embroidered dress from Zara/Nordstrom?? But I got one from Madewell because it was on sale… they're also very light weight and roomy! Love the entire set of five here though, now I want to find a piece of geode to wear…

  2. Thank you so much, Thu <3

    Ooh! I'm going to go look at Madewell then. And I've been eyeing a bunch of pieces at Barbara Pellegrino's online store (I'll put the link below). I ran across her on Instagram and she has beautiful crystal and geode jewelry. Let me know if you find a good place!


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