RUNWAY REVIEW: Chanel Couture Fall 2013

The Chanel Fall 2013 Couture collection blended the future of Chanel with the past of Chanel, complete with complimentary styling and a consistent silhouette. So Karl, you’ve done it again with an amazing collection..

The collection opens with a classic Chanel tweed jacket and uses metallics to accent the suit pieces. It gives the signature Chanel look a modern twist and almost a futuristic appearance. The length is also played with where most of the tweed skirts would’ve been in a pencil cut, these are either mini or maxi.

The use of geometry in a few pieces stood out to me when mixed with the massive drop waist belts. It kept the pieces looking different but like they belonged in the collection. I loved the hair accessories and thought they added to the collection instead of confusing me. Also after watching the show, does anyone else feel the need to get thigh high suede boots to pose as leggings?

Stand out looks for me were the silver tweed ensemble with the coral belt and silver sequin gown. The outstanding color combination with the coral and silver stood out against the darker tones in the collection. Then the silver gown is simply stunning with great beadwork and it shimmered its way along the runway.

Amber Callan

A Rice University graduate, fashion blogger and Inbound Marketing strategist who lives in St. Louis. Spends her free time eating tacos, playing her PS4 and creating more art to clutter her apartment with.

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