Today’s Challenge: What’s the item at the top of your wishlist?

So because I cannot shop, I can dream! Therefore I have a nice winter wish list in preparation for Christmas time (:

1. TBA Chainz Boots– Since I’m obsessed with everything spiked, these boots are such a dream! The motorcycle aesthetic plus harness and spikes makes these shoes at the top of my wishlist. The black boots I’ve been wearing all the time are wearing out now so I’m looking for a replacement.
2. Floral Crown– I know it’s not winter specific (probably spring is best?) but I really want one! I think it can push any outfit into the ethereal realm and make you look so dreamy (;
3. Black Button Up– With my newfound love for everything Black Milk, I need more black basics in order to balance out the crazy leggings! With winter, a sleeved one would probably be more appropriate, but it is still a basic I need in my wardrobe.
4. Spiked Belt– It’s spiked. ‘Nuff said!
5. Mint Green Dress– Mint green is only the best color ever and with the collar tips and silhouette, I’m very in love with this dress.
6. JC Night Walks– I have wanted these shoes for the longest time. The no-heel doesn’t scare me and these have a classic mary jane shape without being boring.
7. Blue iPod Touch– This one is in there because I actually need a new one. My iPod is not working very well and it’s hard to run without music. Therefore I’m really hoping for one this Christmas!
8. Scarf Printed Dress– There’s nothing special about needing a scarf print dress, but I LOVE THIS ONE! I just want to mix and match it with everything in my list.
9. Fancy Watch– This is another one that I actually need. Being an EMT now, my neon green target watch isn’t quite good enough plus it’s too bright for my uniform. I’m very particular about my watches but this one from ASOS looks perfect!
10. Circle Sunnies– So I LOVE sunglasses! Every since I got contacts instead of glasses, I have loved having a variety of sunglasses to wear. I think circle black sunglasses would really complete my collection!
11. JC x BM Rainbow Galaxy Litas– These shoes are such a statement piece! I only worry because each pair is different and I want a perfect pair. They would go so well with my Rainbow Galaxy dress (;
12. Black Milk Egypt Leggings– THESE LEGS are b-e-a-utiful. I love ancient Egyptian culture and these leggings are one of the best pairs BM has put out. I’m trying to swap my current leggings for a pair of these so I don’t have to spend money.
13. JC Spiked Lita’s- These shoes are the least frightening of all the spiked shoes and I love that they’re all black!
14. Black Skater Dress– A basic for BM. Done.

Amber Callan

A Rice University graduate, fashion blogger and Inbound Marketing strategist who lives in St. Louis. Spends her free time eating tacos, playing her PS4 and creating more art to clutter her apartment with.

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